General Dentistry in Kissimmee, FL

General Dental Services at Avant Dental Group

General Dentistry in Kissimmee, FL

When you care for your teeth properly, they can last you a lifetime. At Avant Dental Group, we work to not only check your teeth when you’re in our office but to educate you on the proper care for your teeth and gums as well. If you take good care of your mouth throughout your life, you can be rewarded with healthy teeth and gums! Remember, it is less costly to keep up with your teeth’ hygiene now, rather than have to fix them with an expensive dental treatment later.

A few of our general dentistry services include:

It is our goal to give you a healthy smile!

If you believe you have tooth decay or a tooth has been broken, you may require a filling to stop any further damage. A filling is designed to protect a tooth. We can determine if you need a filling, as well as provide you with the best type of filling.

A root canal may be necessary if the pulp inside one of your teeth is infected. Whether the infection is due to decay, repeated dental procedures, trauma, or a crack in the tooth, a root canal can restore a tooth to its full capacity. After removing the infected pulp and carefully disinfecting the inside of the tooth, our team fills and seals the tooth to ensure nothing can penetrate the tooth’s surface. A crown is then placed on the tooth for further protection.

If your tooth is too badly damaged or if you do not have enough space in your mouth for other important teeth, you may have to have a tooth removed. Commonly extracted teeth include wisdom teeth and baby teeth that have not fallen out on their own. Depending on the tooth that needs to be removed; you may have to undergo a simple or surgical extraction.

We currently do not accept Medicaid.

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